our process


Still image

Our 3D rendered images are created to help convey the vision of your architectural projects. We will take your black and white pdf or CAD plan, as well as finishes then transform them into photo real images that can be used in a number of ways within your creatives. We assist you to your desired look and feel. For us its more then just showing the buildings but telling a story and setting a mood with lighting, people, time of day and weather condition. 

Invistec Animation.png


Imagine 3D Workshop's animated films are a prestigious marketing tool for capturing your target audience. These films are hi resolution (HD 1080) fully detailed rendered animations. Our focus is on the storytelling while showing the look and feel so people can picture themselves living in or visiting this place that doesn't exist yet. We can mold the look of these scenes based on your direction and add a huge amount of components to create a beautiful vision. 


Crestwood Interior 02 1080.jpg

Virtual reality Solutions


Virtual reality has added an exciting and unique way to show a project it puts the user inside the space. With a VR headset or simply a link to a 360 video you can step into the project and see it from every angle. We use static VR renders which allow you to see it from all angles and get a sense of scale and beauty. It provides endless opportunities to present your ideas.


3D Print and scanning


Imagine 3D Workshop offers a range of 3D printing and scanning solutions. We scan things using photogramatry and produce 3D models which we then clean up by hand in our software that gets output for 3D printing or digital assets. Our scanner is made up of 128 cameras mounted in a cylindrical pattern and captures a pose instantly.